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sakamaki chiyori

  • literally will trip over air
  • her mind is filled with bubbles 120% of the time
  • even if you try to explain shit to her you'll lose her in 2 seconds
  • is determined as FUCK tho
  • has stupid crazy luck but also stupid crazy terrible luck
  • the master of making shit up along as she goes as long as it works
  • knows how to bullshit her way out of undesirable situations

kurobane aya

  • thinks shes the shit and is edgy psycho as fuck serial killer
  • spoiler alert: shes not
  • basically a psycho chuuni
  • once cried after getting arrested so that should tell a lot of things
  • trigger happy
  • wants to do the action but is scared as shit of the consequences

emilie yakovlev

  • the gross necromancer
  • literally is an asshole
  • sees people as tools
  • would rather die than be pitied
  • order: literally just gets people to do her tasks for her lol
  • necromancer: :) shush

akifuji satsuki

  • her username is also akifuji satsuki so either she's a daring yolo person or
  • is mostly hands off during the game and just waits it off because its a pain
  • but if push comes to shove she suddenly becomes absolute fuckin god
  • like, she could win the game easily if she just. put in the effort
  • but she doesnt bc shed rather just watch and eat donuts on the sidelines
  • order: waits until the very very last minute to finish her tasks but somehow always manages to get perfect points
  • necromancer: literally only has one body because getting more is a pain and she's more into not using it tbh she'd rather go personally to the field

mriya antonov

  • stop me from having 290q1342 russian characters
  • reserved 4 caspar/camden/essie
  • t hank u for giving me a reason to delve into this odd genre of political roleplay

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